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Meet Harvard Grad, Dentist Dr. Joseph DePalo

If you've been lucky enough to work with our Director of Student SuccessJoseph DePalo, then you know he's a[...]

Your quick guide to General Physiology

In this study guide we go over what to expect in the General Physiology section of the NBDE Part 1 and a offer[...]

Student Spotlight: Meet Shaun Heier

Student Spotlight highlights some of the success stories being done by some of our students. There is no[...]

3 Benefits of Study Groups in Dental School

Collaboration is a great skill for college students to learn and practice. And with finals just around the[...]

5 Tips for studying for a big test

Right now, thousands of college students throughout Universities are starting to plan spring break, and while[...]

Why practice tests are essential in studying for the NBDE Part I

Many things happen in the first couple years of dental school!

The types of questions you need to study for the NBDE Part I

At B&B Dental, we recognize that being able to truly understand a topic requires looking at it from a number of[...]

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