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Meet Harvard Grad, Dentist Dr. Joseph DePalo

If you've been lucky enough to work with our Director of Student SuccessJoseph DePalo, then you know he's a[...]

Battle of the Tests: Precise Practice vs Evolve Practice

At B&B we realize not all students learn the same. Students want to test their knowledge and track their[...]

Your quick guide to General Physiology

In this study guide we go over what to expect in the General Physiology section of the NBDE Part 1 and a offer[...]

Forums: How to Use Forums to Pass a Big Test

What the heck is a forum?

Student Spotlight: Meet Shaun Heier

Student Spotlight highlights some of the success stories being done by some of our students. There is no[...]

3 Benefits of Study Groups in Dental School

Collaboration is a great skill for college students to learn and practice. And with finals just around the[...]

Testlets: One of the hardest parts of the NBDE Part 1

If you’ve talked to any upper classmen, you’ll know that the testlets on the NBDE Part 1 are some of the most[...]

B&B Dental's New Look and Features

Studying for the NBDE Part I just got a whole lot better!

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