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B&B Dental Study Center

Are you a Foreign Trained Dentist? B&B Dental is the perfect solution for you.

Are you wondering how on earth to tackle this difficult exam? Are you wondering where in the world to start and[...]

B&B Dental, a LECOM student's perspective

Have you ever wondered just how the B&B process works? Students from across the country, from over fifty[...]

The New B&B App Has Arrived!!

Ever wished that you could access all of the amazing content of the B&B course in the palm of your hand?  Well[...]

Dental School Hacks: How to Study for The NBDE Part 1

Want to know how to ace NBDE Part I?

4 Ways A Harvard Grad Survived Dental School

By: Joseph DePalo | Student Education Coordinator

4 Things You Should Know About B&B Dental

If you are new to B&B Dental, there's no doubt you may have some questions! That's great, because we're here to[...]

Dental School: Biochemistry Study Guide

We're excited to help you dominate Biochemistry for boards! The NBDE Part 1 has an estimated 51 questions that[...]

B&B Dental: What It's Worth

Dental school brings a lot of expenses, and we'd be hiding from the truth if we didn't talk about the price of[...]

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