Student Spotlight: Meet Shaun Heier

Student Spotlight highlights some of the success stories being done by some of our students. There is no perfect way to study for the NBDE Part 1, but one of the best ways to start is to look at what worked for students that have passed.

Meet Shaun Heier from UMKC

Read about Shaun Heier’s experience with the NBDE Part 1 and how B&B Dental helped him pass with flying colors. 

B6AF6C4A61A84201BA444D9A1A61E0A8.png“When faced with a huge exam like the NBDE part 1, choosing study aids can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. I struggled with where to start and how to organize myself to maximize the limited study time I had before my scheduled exam

When I found B&B Dental I knew it was going to be a phenomenal program because it highlights the major sections and helps subdivide the test into manageable high yield areas. I personally needed a schedule or guide to help me stay on track, and B&B Dental provided that structure.

I love how the videos add a one on one experience with continued encouragement to "dominate" the exam. The videos coincide with the textbook and there are wide margins to allow places to add personal notes which reminded me of mnemonics, thoughts, and study aids mentioned throughout the course

After taking my exam, I went back and referenced areas in the B&B textbook I felt weren’t covered and sure enough, I found the item clearly written on the pages and explained in great detail. I say with full confidence that B&B Dental helped me pass the NBDE part 1 and it was the best investment I made for my future. Thank you B&B Dental for helping towards achieving my dream career!

Check out the course Shaun used to pass the NBDE Part 1 here! 

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