Meet Harvard Grad, Dentist Dr. Joseph DePalo

If you've been lucky enough to work with our Director of Student SuccessJoseph DePalo, then you know he's a recent grad from Harvard School of Dental Medicine!

Joe is now a practicing dentist and with a strong desire for education, making B&B Dental a great place for him! Not too long ago, however, he was a dental student just like you. Because he knows what it's like to go through dental school, we thought we'd introduce you to him and get to know his dental school hacks, plus a glimpse at the fun side of life! 


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Joe completed his education in dental medicine at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and received his DMD degree cum laude from Boston College. As a dental student just like you, he knew he had to find a happy medium of studying and maintaining a social life. Check out a few of his favorite hacks in this post about dental school survival tips. 

Outside of the clinic, Joe has also worked for several large and small pharmaceutical companies, with research focusing on cell biology. When we say he knows what he's talking about, we mean it!

Joe was raised in Massachusetts, where his parents still reside. He has one sister, who is currently a medical student in the Atlanta, GA area. Pets provide plenty of entertainment for Joe's family. They have a dog named Molly, who is said to have quite the mind of her own, and a cat named Charlie!

Growing up, Joes remembers his family taking  take summer vacations to Maine almost every year. These trips were a favorite for Joe and he tries to get back there as much as he can, regardless of the season. 

Joe loves helping dental students.

As any good interview goes, we asked Joe what his favorite part of B&B Dental was. We already knew he was smart, but his answer made us blush:
"Working with a motivated team and believing that we do and the product we offer can truly make a difference in someone's educational experience, and potentially an even better clinician."
 Joe couldn't be more correct. B&B Dental is all about helping you pass your board exams but our overarching goal is make students into the best dentists they can be. 

he's also quite the chef.

As if Joe wasn't busy enough, one of his favorite things to do is cook.  Whether it's a recipe he's eaten his whole life or or something brand new, he can't wait to get in the kitchen and try it out. The eating part is always fun, too! 
He also loves to watch other people cook, too! When patient notes are done and B&B students don't have any more questions for the night, you can find Joe catching up on The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. 

People would be surprised if they knew... 

In the spirit of March Madness, Joe let us in on a little secret. In his own words, he said he's  "surprisingly good at basketball." Then again, his long arms and lanky stature really come in handy on the basketball court! #score

Now that we've shared a bit about Joe and what it's like to be a dentist who loves education and British Baking Shows, ask him how B&B Dental can help you pass your NBDE Part 1! 

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