The types of questions you need to study for the NBDE Part I

At B&B Dental, we recognize that being able to truly understand a topic requires looking at it from a number of angles. Throughout the B&B Dental NBDE Part I course, you’ll find that we have a variety of questions that will challenge your knowledge and build your confidence.

But this is more than a simple question and answer bank. The B&B Dental course includes over 1,800 questions – the most of any NBDE Prep material on the market.

Let’s break down the different types of questions used throughout the course and what you can expect from each. 


Flashcards are an expectation in any prep course – these are the “phase one” of studying. Not only do our 600+ flashcards build the foundation, but they get you in the routine of questioning your knowledge. The goal of flashcards is to identify and memorize the basic concepts. There is no grading or performance report card that comes from flashcards, though you can save the flashcards that are difficult and require some more review.

B&B SmartTrends

SmartTrend questions appear in videos throughout the course, and are determined by research of past NBDE exams. By reviewing these 200+ questions as you’re learning topical information, you can weave test-like scenarios into your everyday studying. 

Precise Practice

This is the phase two of studying and involves more than 1,000 questions. Practice questions are delivered in the form of mini “tests”, helping you apply the foundation you’ve developed. You read the question, consider the potential answers, and then choose one.

These tests cover every section and are designed to help you dominate specific subjects on the exam, such as gross anatomy, embryology, etc. Each subject are has three levels of question ranging in difficulty level. To advance a level, answer 10 questions correct. If you exhaust all questions within a subject, you have the flexibility to restart any level, of any subject, for constant repetition and progress! Practice questions offer immediate feedback when a question is answered, right or wrong, with additional explanation for maximum retention. 

Evolve Practice

This further supports phase two of studying. Meant to behave as the “real testing” simulation, with evolve practice tests, you’ll take the entire test before receiving results – just like the real dental boards. Each Practice Test is being designed to contain the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual exam. Each time you pass a SMART Test (70% or higher) you “level-up” to the next Evolve Practice® Test that is slightly more difficult. This allows you to gradually build your foundation and confidence in a test environment that mimics the actual exam. Once you have “leveled-up” and unlocked the next exam, you can always go back and retake any level of exam one additional time.


Did you know theThe NBDE Part I recently increased the use of testlets, or real-life scenarios used to derive situational questions? B&B Dental has recognized this and now you'll find 120 included testlets, or "real-life scenario" questions added for you to review! 

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