Battle of the Tests: Precise Practice vs Evolve Practice

At B&B we realize not all students learn the same. Students want to test their knowledge and track their progress throughout the course. We developed two styles of practice exams to help achieve both those objectives. 
Each students learns differently, which means each student studies differenlty. We developed two styles of practice exams so that you can test your knowledge but also so you can get a real understanding of what the actual NBDE Part 1 is like. We’re excited to introduce Precise Practice Test and Evolve Practice tests in the B&B Advantage Course.  


These assessments are designed to help you dominate specific subjects on the exam. Each subject area has three levels of questions – easy, moderate, hard. To advance a level, answer 10 questions correct. If you exhaust all questions within a subject, you have the flexibility to restart any level, of any subject, for constant repetition and progress!


The B&B Evolve Practice® Test contains the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual NBDE exam. Each time you pass a Practice Test (70% or higher) you unlock a new level that is slightly more difficult. This allows you to gradually build your foundation and confidence in a test environment that mimics the actual exam.

B&B Dental Prcise Pratice Test Questions 2.jpg

Please be sure that you allocate at least 2 hours for this exam. You must submit answers for each question and finish the entire exam before the system will score your test.

Once you have “leveled-up”. and unlocked the next exam, you can always go back and retake any level of exam one additional time. We are excited to feature this innovative technology for your review!

Test your knowledge today with our B&B Advantage Course!

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