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Studying for the NBDE Part I just got a whole lot better!

While dental exams continue to evolve, the practice of studying for your exams should evolve as well to reflect how people actually study in today's world! That's why we've just rolled out the next phase of our course! We kept the videos, updated our flashcards and textbook, and added a ton of new ways to help test your knowledge! 

Because this company was founded by dentists (who were once dental students!), we know exactly what it's like to study for the NBDE Part 1. As a result, when we saw the opportunity to roll out new features for our course, we tapped into current dental students to see what they wanted.

what students said they want

Through focus groups and surveys we learned that students still needed a guide and a study plan to make the most of their efforts. They also felt like no other NBDE Part I material was giving them the opportunity to review the content they need and test their comprehension all in the same environment. The new features in B&B put all of this information in one place!



Testlet Icon.png


During our research, we often heard feedback from students that there was no way to prepare for the case studies or testlets on the exam. While this section is heavily focused on the comprehension of skills and terms combined, there was no material that offered a way to practice this application. With assistance from Dr. Joseph DePalo, we were able to create this exclusive scenarios for our students. 

B&B Dental Testlets are real-life scenarios with relevant questions per scenario – 20% of your Part I exam covers testlets. We are currently the only review option for Part 1 that includes an entire section of testlets! 


Precise Practice Icon.pngPRACTICE WITH PRECISION

Quizzing yourself is one of the best ways to check your comprehension of a lesson. Students said they were always looking for ways to test their progress and figure out how they were doing in certain sections. Since we focus heavily on The B&B Big 5® and dominating those sections before moving on, we were excited to implement Precise Practice tests. 

These assessments are designed to help you dominate specific subjects on the exam. Each subject area has three levels of questions – easy, moderate, hard. To advance a level, answer 10 questions correct. If you exhaust all questions within a subject, you have the flexibility to restart any level, of any subject, for constant repetition and progress.



Last but definitely not least, students wanted an actual mock exam experience. Sure, you can search and buy old exams online, but we combined our research with B&B Smartrends® and expertise built B&B Evolve Practice® Tests.

Each test contains the exact number of questions and breakdown as the actual NBDE exam. Each time you pass a Practice Test (70% or higher) you unlock a new level that is slightly more difficult. This allows you to gradually build your foundation and confidence in a test environment that mimics the actual exam. These exams should take at least 2 hours for you to complete, just as the real exam takes hours to finish. You must submit answers for each question and finish the entire exam before the system will score your test.

Once you have "leveled-up" and unlocked the next exam, you can always go back and retake any level of exam one additional time. We are excited to feature this innovative technology for your review!

Start Studying

We've always been confident in our course but now we're bursting at the seams with excitement. We can't wait for you to dive head first into NBDE Part 1 preparation and we hope to be the ones helping you along the way! 

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