Where did this NBDE prep material come from?

Many students have asked about the content in the B&B course. So, if you’re wondering, “How did this company come up with all of the questions, flashcards and practice tests?” – you’re not alone.

We’ve taken a very thorough approach in crafting the content in the B&B Dental NBDE Part I online course. We have dental and medical professionals on staff and as advisors that have helped us put together what we believe is the best resource on the market. But you deserve to know how it was developed.

Here’s a quick explanation of the content used or referenced in course creation:

1. Released NBDE PART 1 exams

All released exams come with an explicit copyright declaration. 

We have honored this 100%.  Our team has sorted and organized these test questions to generate an outline and help us understand the depth and breadth of the test. In doing this we’ve gathered insight, we have not outright copied the material (that would be wrong). 

In fact, you will NOT see any duplication of any test material from these released NBDE Part 1 exams.

The B&B team recently created a bank of over 1800 questions.  While past test questions were used as inspiration and you will see stylistic and thematic similarities, each of our questions is a unique original creation.

2. Primary sources

ASDA has a recommended list of textbooks for each subject matter.  When writing the material, we went directly to these primary sources for our information. In addition, we give them credit for their material when we reference it in the course.

B&B Dental Prcise Pratice Test Questions 2

3. Images

Images in the B&B Dental course come from one of three sources.

  1. Original creations by members of the B&B team
  2. Images in the public domain
  3. Images that are published with permission from the owner.

Many of our images are hand-drawn original creations. Others have been created by our talented graphics team. No images from the ASDA released exams have been reproduced.


Our goal is not to provide a shortcut to pass a test. 

Our goal is to build upon the vast knowledge base students have built during their dental educations. We want to help you recall salient information so the next generation of dentists can be more confident in their knowledge.

In doing this, we will ultimately lead you, and other dental students, to being dentists who are better equipped to serve patients and the community at large.

If you have additional questions about the material or source of content, please drop us a note at support@bandbdental.com.

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