Your quick guide to General Physiology

In this study guide we go over what to expect in the General Physiology section of the NBDE Part 1 and a offer up our extensive guide on how to ACE this part of the Big 5!

What are the BIG 5?

That's a good question. Let's start there. 

At B&B Dental we want to prepare students in the best way and throughout the entire studying process. We know it can be hard to figure out where to start and how to track your progress through each section. Even if you're using dental decks, you still have to go through all of the materials, figure out what goes where, and waste valuable energy trying to organize the information.

What if you had a bulleted outline that would do this for you? Well this is your lucky day, because we went ahead and created that outline for you!


This General Physiology study outline gives you all the points you need, so you can just dive right into the course. It's still high level so you can take notes, but walks through all of the major topics in this section of the test. If you're interested in more content like this, then you'll definitely want to check out the entire B&B course

Click the link below to get your copy today! 

Physiology study guide download


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