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Have you ever wondered just how the B&B process works? Students from across the country, from over fifty different dental schools are using B&B as their study resource when it comes to studying for the NBDE Part I. Take a journey with Amani Halum, a student from LECOM to learn about what to expect with B&B:

instant access

“After I placed my order, I instantly had access to everything on the website. I was impressed by how organized the website was. I then decided to wait until I received my book, so that I could follow along with the videos.”

Many years of research went into creating the best study plan for students. While the textbook is extremely thorough and detailed, it can be overwhelming. That’s why B&B created 15 hours of HD videos where the instructor can sit down across the table from you and bring the key concepts to life. We highly recommend following this student’s example by waiting for the textbook to arrive before diving into the videos.

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“I started the videos in the order of the website with “gross anatomy” which I believe is by far one of the best taught subjects. As I finished each video I did the flashcards, which helped reinforce the information I had just learned.”

In our experience, you want to begin by building a solid foundation. B&B believes that the most effective way to build that foundation is by opening the text and watching the videos. While watching you want to intermittently pause to take notes, use the speed button to maximize your time and jump 15 seconds as needed in case you missed something.

B&B Big 5 non big 5 video explinationREVIEW THE DETAILS

“The flashcards were easy to go through, easy to mark, and straight to the point. I highly recommend going through the flashcards after each video. After completing all of the videos and flashcards, I reviewed the flashcards I marked and the information in the textbook that I highlighted.”

After going through the textbook and videos over a specific section, you want to go through the corresponding group of flashcards to really drive home the details. Remember to star those that you are struggling to grasp so that you can later go back for further review. Once you’ve run through the group of flashcards a couple of times, you will be bulletproof in that section and ready to attack the next.

Just like Amani, once you’ve worked through an entire subject section, go back and review those flashcards you marked for later review, and read over the notes you made in your text to really drive home those concepts.

work through the questions

“Then I started with the questions but was unable to go through them all.”

Precise PracticeB&B created 1,800 test questions to fully prepare you for the exam. It’s a ton! We understand that every student won’t be able to work through every practice exam and question. However, keep in mind that the practice tests help you dig further through the details that make sure you are ready for the exam.

“Despite that, I still managed to pass due to the detailed videos, textbook, and flashcards I went through. All in all, B&B was perfect for me! I’m the type that learns better with videos, guidance, and structure, and B&B did a great job doing that.”

Details, details, details! At B&B we’ve spent countless hours ensuring that the program is more comprehensive than any resource available. With the structure of what to study and when, it’s hard to get off track with B&B.

“I struggled at the beginning trying to determine a study plan and thankfully B&B has everything in one. I did not need to stress anymore trying to go through so many different materials. Thanks to B&B I passed my NBDE part1.”

We hear stories like Amani's every day! B&B helps students to determine a study plan and ultimately helps to remove stress from the study experience. With everything in one spot, there’s no more need to try and piece together a study plan. B&B has you covered. And it WORKS.

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