Are you a Foreign Trained Dentist? B&B Dental is the perfect solution for you.

Are you wondering how on earth to tackle this difficult exam? Are you wondering where in the world to start and how to best allocate your time? No worries; B&B is the perfect solution for you.

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There is no more need to stress over where to begin; we've worked it out for you! Based on the ADA's website and years of research by the B&B team, the B&B program tells you exactly where to begin and just how much time to spend on each subject. It is entirely customizable to your specific needs, but with B&B, we give you a plan that tells you how and where to begin. Here is a overview of our 2 phase approach:

PHASE 1: This phase encompasses around 75% of the study plan and is all about building a rock-solid foundation in each subject. Once you receive the comprehensive textbook in the mail, you will simply open to page one and pull up the first video online and just push play. The videos are meant to cover the high yield concepts while the textbook and corresponding flashcards are meant to cover all of the nitty gritty details.

PHASE 2: Once the foundation is established from phase 1, it's time to test your knowledge. That's why B&B has written 1,800 test questions to ensure that you are ready to dominate each and every subject of the exam. Precise Practice tests quiz you over each specific subject. Evolve Practice exams contain the appropriate percentage of questions by subject that will show up on your exam; each containing 200 questions. Finally, students must take the testlet exams. These testlets make up 20% of the NBDE Part I exam. Each of these three question banks are categorized into easy, moderate and difficult exams. This way students can "level up" once they achieve a 70% or higher on that level. This critical phase comprises approximately 25% of your study plan.

For more information on the 2 phase approach, see article here

What is included in the program?

Trusted-1The B&B Advantage Plan consists of a physical textbook which will be shipped via UPS to your home. The B&B textbook is extremely thorough and covers all of the details. The online portion of the course consists of:
- 15 hours of HD videos with B&B instructors who bring the key concepts to life.
- Over 1,000 digital flashcards which quiz you over all of the minute details of each subject.
- Precise Practice exams which serves you questions over each specific subject on the exam.
- Evolve Practice exams that mock a morning or afternoon session of the actual exam, containing 200 questions each.
- Testlet Exams which are short case scenarios and will quiz you over any of the subjects within each testlet.

How long do i have access?
With B&B, you have our support from day one. Many students prefer to spend fewer hours per week preparing for the exam and therefore would like to have access much longer than three months. If you need to extend your access, simply email us at requesting an extension. It's as simple as that!

B&B also supports students should you not pass the exam on the first attempt. We understand that sometimes we just don't have the best test-taking day and do not succeed on the first go-round. Just let us know and we will extend access for as long as you need to PASS the exam.

why choose B&B?
B&B has been working with students all across the country and we hear success stories EVERY day from students who chose to use B&B as their study resource. We believe that with the study plan and resources created, you are best prepared to take this very challenging exam. We'd love for you to head over to our testimonials page and see how other students have loved the B&B program:

As always, please do not hesitate if you have any questions about the program! We are here to help you DOMINATE your exam.

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