The New B&B App Has Arrived!!

Ever wished that you could access all of the amazing content of the B&B course in the palm of your hand?  Well folks, the day has come.  B&B has released its very own app! 

videos, flashcards, precise practice

Over a year in the making, B&B has worked tirelessly to put all the content of the B&B program in an easy-to-use, modernized app.  You now have the ability to pull up any video, flashcard and precise practice question from your device.  B&B knows that students need the flexibility to review a few questions here, a couple of flashcards there and catch a quick 15-minute video between classes or over lunch.  This is now easier than ever with the B&B app. 

B&B Dental App Header

simpler than ever 

With its sleek design and easy-to-use features, it is simpler than ever to prepare for the NBDE Part I exam.  While B&B has always been accessible in the browser of your handheld device, the app is cleaner and extremely intuitive as you move through the content.

Videos:  The B&B videos are broken down into two groups; the Big Five and the Non Big Five.  After choosing which category of videos you would like to view, simply click on the video you’d like to watch.  Skip forward or backward 15 seconds as you move through the video.  Are we speaking too slowly for you??  Choose 1.25 or 1.5 to speed up your review.  Take your instructor with you on the train, for lunch or anywhere you need to review for the exam.

B&B Dental Screenshot Video

Flashcards:  Have 10 minutes free while you’re waiting for your dentist appointment?  Jump into the flashcards section of the app where you can pick up right where you left off.  Buzz through your flashcards, reviewing the answer and extra information any time you have some spare moments.  Don’t forget that you can always “star” those cards that you would like to go back to later to review.  Broken down by subject and group, the B&B flashcards are a great on-the-go resource as you approach your exam.

B&B Dental Flashcard Screenshot

Precise Practice:  Feeling weak in the subject of Immunology?  With the B&B Precise Practice exams, go to any of the 11 subjects on your exam and quiz yourself on that specific subject.  Once you get 10 questions correct, level up in difficultly to really become bulletproof in that subject.  With three practice exams in each of the 11 subjects on your exam, B&B provides a great preview for the type of questions and content you will see on exam day.

There you have it!  The B&B Dental NBDE Test Prep course is now available in the app store and you’re going to LOVE IT. Now go and dominate!

Curious how it works? See for yourself in this video tutorial:

B&B Dental Tutorial Screen use 2018 App Release

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