5 Tips for studying for a big test

Right now, thousands of college students throughout Universities are starting to plan spring break, and while that means a week of fun and relaxation, it also means exams are right around the corner. Here is a quick roundup of study tips that will help you prepare for test day.

1. Exercise

It’s been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power. Exercise not only makes your body healthy, it makes your brain healthy too.

2. Treat yourself

Have you ever seen the picture of the gummy bears on a textbook? That actually works. Motivating yourself to study is a great technique to stay focused and break down studying into little milestones.

3. Study Groups

The best way to really test if you understand is to teach each other. Study groups provide an opportunity to knowledge share between students. Not only does it reduce the amount you have to study but it also improves the quality of information and notes if you are able to share.

4. Get some sleep

By now hopefully you know how important sleep is to studying. When you sleep your brain fully absorbs the information so getting a good night’s sleep with help you remember everything you need for your exam.

5. Take breaks

No one is a superhuman, so it is important to realize you can’t maintain an optimum level of studying without some study breaks. Taking breaks not only can improve focus but it also can boost productivity too. 

Our last bit of advice is STAY POSITVE! It is amazing what a good outlook can do for you on test day. 

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